Subject Re: minimizing transaction-open time
Author Aage Johansen
Doug Chamberlin wrote:
> Actually a much better way is
> Start trans
> Read record
> Commit
> Let user edit record taking all the time they want.
> When they save:
> Start trans
> Write updates
> Commit

But you'll have to worry about whether you are updating the same database
(as you read from) - you have to control every record that can be affected
by the inserts/updates/deletes. Not impossible, but a chore.
I use the timer approach (with commit or rollback), but this isn't without
problems. I've found users returning from lunch and seeing their work has
been rejected (rollback) having assumed that whatever they were editing
(either in a grid or a separate form) has automagically been completed for
them! Result: the record was never entered into the database.

Aage J.