Subject Re: Help for a new user
Author Aage Johansen
imsas2002 wrote:
> ...
> We are using Win2K Server and Win98/Win2K clients.
> 1) I've had some problems with case sensitivity with the DB objects.
> I have also noticed
> that all compares using string values are case sensitive. Should all
> field names, table
> names, etc. be upper case?

Compares are case sensituve unless you use CONTAINING, but CONTAINING
cannot use any index (since "CONTAINING 'abc'" corresponds to "like
'%abc%'", except for being case insensitive.

If you create fields with quotes ("MyField") they will be case sensitive.
My personal view is tha case sensitive object names are a PITA.

> 2) Is there any way to kill or close a connection manually?

Not easily. A differnet story on platforms using "classic server" (*nix)

> What happens if a client locks
> during a request process? Does the server (IB/Firebird) cleanup dead
> or locked connections?

AFAIK, yes. At least this seems to be the case with TCP/IP.

> 3) I've seen some support in some of the dev environments that I've=20
> demoed for Version=20
> History. I have not been unable to find any version history support=20
> in the documentation.=20
> Is this a function provided by IB? Or are the dev environments=20
> providing it? Version=20
> History (row version) is a requirement of the project that I will be=20
> switching over.=20
> I have found a work around that will work, but I was just wondering=20
> if I had missed something.

Are you thinking of the MGA (MultiGenerational Architecture, or Versioning

> 4) Is there any way to gain an exclusive record/table lock? I have a
> table of job numbers that I need to limit exclusive sequential access to.

A record lock is easy. Just do a 'dummy' update on a field, and the record
cannot be updated by another transaction until you commit (or rollback) -
(pessimistic locking). The record (original version) isn't locked for
reading, of course.
I believe table locks are possible.

> 5) Is there any way to determine (from within isql or a UDF) if there
> are any open or pending transactions?

What are you (really) trying to do? The short answer is 'no' (I think),
but there may be other ways to skin the cat.

> 6) And finally, is there anyway to ping a local lan computer and see
> if it has IB/FB installed?

I don't know. You might be able to detect if something listens/answers on
port 3050.

Aage J.