Subject Prevent users from creating db:suggestion
Still wondering if this is possible.
I want to prevent users from being able to create new databases.

Since my FB server is on Linux I thought I'd try messing with the
file/directory permissions.

I thought I'd create a user interbaser (interbase restricted) who has
rx permission on the stuff in /opt/interbase/bin , not w on any
directories, so they cant create any new gdb files, but w on
mydb.gdb so they could update that one database.

I was hoping that with a bit of messing around with permissions on
other files that Firebird may use in its execution I might get the
desired result.

So then I try to start FB as the new interbaser user:

startproc -u interbaser /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard

but I get an error message:

Invalid user (must be firebird, interbase, interbas or root)

Of these, only interbase and root are actual user accounts on my

Where is it defined what user(s) may run the server? Is the kind of
thing I'm trying to do possible?