Subject date/time 32-bit or 64-bit???
Author csswa
I'm confused.

Up til now I though DATE and TIME types were 32-bit. This is what it
says in datadef. But I just read in langref that both are 64-bit!
Will the true size please step forward!

from datadef p.70:

DATE stores a date as a 32-bit longword. Valid dates are from January
1, 100 a.d. to February 29, 32768 a.d.

TIME stores time as a 32-bit longword. Valid times are from 00:00 AM
to 23:59.9999 PM.

TIMESTAMP is stored as two 32-bit longwords and is a combination of

from langref p.19-20:

DATE 64 bits 1 Jan 100 a.d. to 29 Feb 32768 a.d. ISC_DATE

TIME 64 bits 0:00 AM to 23:59.9999 PM ISC_TIME


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