Subject anybody using 64-bit SuperServer on Linux?
Author Damyan Ivanov
I am having trouble using 64-bit version of the SuperServer for Linux
and I wander if anyone else is having such trouble.

I've installed the precompiled version from the's site
(1.0.0-776). Kernel is 2.4.18, glibc is 2.2.5. A test program
(64bitiotest.c) says 64-bit i/o is working.

I have trouble restoring a huge database as a single file. The error
occures when the gdb file is exactly 4G long and says something like:
"database appears corrupt. expected page type 3, found 5". For me it
looks like the file pointer is wrapped aroung the 4-th GB.

So does anybody else have such problems or is it just me?
Or does anybody use successfuly files larger than 4GB on Linux. On what
system (kernel, glibc)?

Any comment greatly appreciated.


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