Subject Re: [ib-support] interbase on windows 2000
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
If the user connecting to a remote server can only access the DB when they
have rights to the GDB file, then you are using the wrong connection string.
Can you state:

server name:
gdb filename and location (on the server, not the share or mapped drive):
e.g. c:\data\my.gdb
the conenction string you are using:

On windows I recomend only Administrator & SYSTEM have any rights to the
GDB directory.



""monalisa"" <monalisa@...> wrote in message
> Hi all !
> I have some problem that's need helped. Usually on server side we've set
> groups for security level, so not every user can access all directory on
> server.
> On Windows NT server, there's no problem. But on windows 2000 server, I
> not access the database even I already give the group full access on
> directory where the .gdb located. The one can access the database is user
> which have same level as administrator. It's not secure at all if I give
> the user have administrator level. There's other directory must have set
> full access besides the directory where .gdb located ?
> Thanks for all helped !
> Regard,
> Monalisa.
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