Subject Re: [ib-support] About post_event
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:20 PM 21-04-02 +0100, Jason Chapman wrote:

>Having said that, if I had posted something crystal clear I would never have
>found out the 16 per app limit, Cheers Helen. BTW, I haven't used events
>hugely in live combat, so again if the above is incorrect, please correct.

It's incorrect (thanks, Dmitry Y.) -
"A single call of isc_event_block can allocate an event
parameter buffer (EPB) for up to 15 events. But nobody prevents you from
using N EPBs and listening for up to N*15 events. Of course, you're required
to register an interest in each EPB separately."

So I learned something new, too. But, sure enough, to confirm, I had no
problem dropping multiple ib_Events comps into my single-connection app and
listening from all of them (each one managing its own EPB).

What I still don't know (and am interested to find out) is whether *each*
event goes through its own port, or whether the first listened-to event
causes an "event port" to be opened for that particular connection, and the
client lib channels them all through this port subsequently.

Claudio ??????????

--- H.

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