Subject Re: [ib-support] Connect to Firebird from Windows
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Martyn,

the errors you see in the interbase.log are inet errors. They don't come from
the Firebird engine but from the network layer and are simply passed through
into the log file. From the errno.h file:

errno 104 = Connection reset by peer

This is the same error as 10054 on Windoze - from winsock.pas:

It happens in a Win network when e.g. W95 clients are simply turned off
or the tcp stack crashed. but that doesn't cause the following error
(at least i've never seen this as a result of 10054...) :

> Acer.kbs (Client) Fri Apr 19 20:42:46 2002
> /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard: bin/ibserver terminated abnormally (-1)

this indicates the FB server really crashed. You could try Googling Groups
on "104 inet interbase" or similar, you'll find a lot of messages on the
topic. Some of them point to outdated rpms in a linux distro, but i know
definetly too little about inetd / xinetd and the like to be of any more
help here :(

- now where are the Linux experts? ;-)

btw you wrote:
> I created a test database on windows and ftp'd it to my home directory on
> the server - the result was the same.

in any case you should create a transportable backup, then ftp it and
restore it on linux. This is the "official" way...

..and a last "wild guess": do you by any chance have a firewall running
on either machine that blocks the 3050/tcp port ???

regards & hth,

P.S. though this probably won't help with your specific problem, you
should really try to use other tools like WISQL from the client side.
As a rule of thumb, when i'm having any kind of trouble with a
certain tool, first thing i do is use a different tool that preferrably
uses a different Component Suite to access the server. Some choices
are: IBExpert PE (FIBPlus afaik), WISQL (direct API), IB_SQL or Marathon
(IBObjects), IBConcole (IBX). All of them are free, and each one has
some advantages over the other. This greatly helps in identifying the
real source of a problem.

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