Subject RE: [ib-support] About post_event
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> AFAIK, the limit isn't "per transaction" but that an app can
> only listen
> for up to 16 named events at once.

Actually, no. A single call of isc_event_block can allocate an event
parameter buffer (EPB) for up to 15 events. But nobody prevents you from
using N EPBs and listening for up to N*15 events. Of course, you're required
to register an interest in each EPB separately.

> (I guess your "event types" is my
> "named events"? The trigger or proc call post_event 'Boo' -
> that is one
> named event...) I never saw evidence of any limit to the
> number of time
> the event could be posted during the course of a transaction.

In fact, the limit is 2^31 ;-)