Subject Hardware, OS and performance
Author achidan
Hi all

About half a month ago I already posted a similar question.
Suprisingly I didn't get a lot of response although I expected it to
be a question of broader interest/experience. Now I give it another try.

I'm curious to know what kind of configuration gets the most powerfull
Firebird installation. Are there significant differents within the
operting systems supported by Firebird (WIN/LINUX/SOLARIS...)? Which
is the most powerfull hardware nowaddays available? What's most
beneficially from server hardware configuration point of view (disk?

The application I'm running will be accessed by about 50 user at a
time. Around 40 connections are not very active and will only do
reading (call center stuff), 10 connections will be rather busy one
(administration stuff). The size of the database is expected to be in
GB-Range (6-10 GB).

I'd be glad to hear about as many tipps and experiences as possible!

Thank you very much