Subject Yahoo privacy & Email address change
Author ibinstall
FYI, in case you aren't aware of this. Yahoo recently changed their
privacy info. You may have received an email from Yahoo, but I
thought I'd post this so everyone would see.

If you have any yahoo email accounts or yahoo groups subscriptions
they will soon (if they haven't already) start spamming you. If you
gave them your real phone numbers and addresses be ready for junk
mail and phone soliciations too.

They are getting a lot of flack over it too. InforWorld has had a
few columnists write about it recently.

Anyway, you will want to go to your Yahoo Groups account and login (i
always use the atkin news mirror, so I never login via the web) and
change your marketing preferences. By default, you are subscribed to

Also, FYI, the ____ at decided to start charging for email
forwarding. I didn't want to pay, so I was just going to wait until
they turned it off on 3/31 (when they said it would be turned off if
you didn't pay). The account I had it forwarded to was getting so
much spam (like 95% spam) that I decided to cancel it. Anyway, I
assumed that on 3/31 would turn off the autoforwarding as
they said they would. But they didn't. So any mail you send to
ibinstall@... will now bounce. I have changed my email address
to "david at" (replace " at " with "@"). If
you send me an email and it bounced, please resend it to that new
address. Sorry for the mix up, but it was beyond my control.

David R. Robinson