Subject Re: [ib-support] Yahoo privacy & Email address change
Author Paul Schmidt
On 9 Apr 2002 at 18:12, ibinstall wrote:

> FYI, in case you aren't aware of this. Yahoo recently changed their
> privacy info. You may have received an email from Yahoo, but I
> thought I'd post this so everyone would see.
> If you have any yahoo email accounts or yahoo groups subscriptions
> they will soon (if they haven't already) start spamming you. If you
> gave them your real phone numbers and addresses be ready for junk mail
> and phone soliciations too.

I think that info is optional, and most people leave it out, unless they LIKE

> They are getting a lot of flack over it too. InforWorld has had a few
> columnists write about it recently.
> Anyway, you will want to go to your Yahoo Groups account and login (i
> always use the atkin news mirror, so I never login via the web) and
> change your marketing preferences. By default, you are subscribed to
> receive EVERYTHING.

TANSTAAFL, Yahoo offers their service for free, so they need to make money
somewhere, however if they make the PITA factor too high, people will quit using it.
What screen is the marketing setting on, I didn't see it anywhere. Then again I am
in Canada, and the privacy laws are different then in the US.

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies