Subject Re: [ib-support] What's this mean
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Wilson, Fred"" <fred.wilson@...> wrote in message
> The "owner of the database" is the user that I tried connecting with, and
> the one that the user applications would connect with. We (currently) use
> the same user (NOT sysdba) for all the applications in the field and also
> the scripts that handle the backup and restore. So, to re-cap. I can, drop
> the database, start a restore (using a user other than sysdba) and then,
> from another client, log into the database while the restore is running
> the user name that's doing the restore (not sysdba).

This is as designed. Both sysdba and the owner can connect to a single user
mode database. Gbak itself needs that trick, because before setting the db
multi-user when doing the restore, it logs on again (second, concurrent
attachment) to set flags like forced writes and read only and finally it
resets the single user mode flag itself in the same way.

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