Subject Re: [ib-support] Concurrent API calls into gds32 cause lock
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""nitaligavino"" <Dan.Crea@...> wrote in message
> This is but one of the issues that I have seen but overall it's the
> same for all my deadlocks. So I found some information that said
> that this can be prevented by using TCP/IP as the connection.

The local protocol is not multi-client rfiendly. Also, every thread should
stablish a different connection to the engine.

> Thus: "localhost:c:/test.gdb". However, I also read that the issue
> is in the commit retaining call?

Commit Retaining does a commit and keeps the context of the txn, thus
preventing effective garbage collection in the long time (although with Read
Committed it's not as bad) but it has no direct impact in deadlocks.

> Finally, I read that using the
> TCP/IP call is not safe on dialect 3, IB 6?

Where did you read that crap?

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