Subject Re: [ib-support] Inserting a Blob from within a stored procedure
Author GreatDayDan
Good Morning!

There is an existing sp that determines if and how
much of the product should be re-ordered. If more is
needed to replenish the stock, then a record is
entered into the PendingPurchase table.

Currently, nothing is going into the blob field
when a new record is added. The record shows up as a
Purchase Need in the client app. The user can double
click the line item to modify the record. If she wants
to, she can put some text in the Notes. Then the Table
component Posts the updated record.

If I can figure out how, I am going to have the sp
put some text in the blob field that shows which sales
orders have un-fullfilled requests for this product.

This will be done by the sp on the server, not by
the app.


--- Doug Chamberlin <DChamberlin@...>
> At 03/28/2002 07:38 PM (Thursday), GreatDayDan
> wrote:
> >Good Morning!
> >
> > The app uses BDE, but I want to do this from
> within
> >the sp compliled into the db.
> >
> > It will be just text but the field is already
> >defined as Blob Sub_Type 0 and cannot be changed.
> >
> > I will be building a string list to put in the
> blob
> >field.
> >
> > Thanks...Dan'l
> I guess I just don't get what you mean.
> If you have a string list in your client app I don't
> understand how or why
> you want to use a stored procedure to fill the blob.
> It is rather
> straightforward to use a TQuery to move the data
> from the string list into
> a record. The stored procedure just gets in the way,
> no?

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