Subject Maintaining Connection
Author steve_jupiter
Hi all,

I have been working with Firebird for 3 months and have recently
downloaded FB1(W1-V6.2.794) - BTW congratulations on getting it out !

I have connected a Java application (JBuilder5) to the db
successfully and am carrying out all the Selects, Updates and Deletes
that the app requires.
But after an irregular period of time (it ranges between 5 minutes
and 25 minutes) interclient kicks me out with a Communication error.
The error text is -
"A socket exception occurred while trying to establish a socket
connection to server Mercury.
SocketException is "Connection refused: connect".

Taking this to be a network/connection problem I have isolated the
database onto a separate machine. The current environment is a
Windows98 client and server with TCP/IP.
Is it that Firebird does not like Win98 ?

I've trawled all of the code in the app and cannot pin it down.
I've looked at the Interbase manuals and cannot find anything which
looks likely ?!?

Can anyone give me any pointers here.

All contributions appreciated.