Subject Re: Crossed signals?
Author Aage Johansen
Joe Martinez wrote:
> ...
> Pretty sure. All of my developemnt machines have BCB4, and on all of
them, if I go
> into the BDE Administrator, and go to
Configuration->System->Init->Version, it says
> "4". So, the question is: Is this a problem? If so, is it possible for
my clients
> to get an updated copy of the BDE w/ SQL Links, without me having to buy
> Borland Enterprise product?

I think that you can upgrade at no cost. The upgrade upgrades(!) just the
parts of the BDE that are already installed - no new SQLlinks (for
databases that have not been installed).
I also think that different parts of the BDE may yield different version
numbers. E.g. the BDEAdmin can remain at its version even though one of
the SQLlinks were updated.

> ...
For your problem description I cannot offer any explanation or advice. Is
hardware ok? Does it ever happen that two NICs (network adapters) have the
same MAC address, and would it matter?

Aage J.