Subject Re: Crossed signals?
Author Aage Johansen
Joe Martinez wrote:
> Whenever two people are entering data into the same table at the same
> time from two different clients, the signals will sometimes get
> crossed. Person #1's record will get saved, but with some of the fields
> having the data that person #2 was entering. I can't figure it out.
> The connection strings look good. One of them is on the server,
> specifying the data file directly by path. The other person is on a
> client, accessing it by the same path, but preceeded by the server's IP
> address and a colon.

It is often advised that one should use a 'remote' type of connection when
working on the server. Use localhost: in front of the connection
string. Try something like "localhost:C:\DB\xxx.db" and see if that helps.

> Details:
> ================
> Firebird 0.9-4 for Windows
> My app is written with BCB4, using BDE w/ SQL Links.
> Data is being entered using TTable objects.
> Database is dialect 1, ODS9.

You'll probably get a lot of comments on using TTables and using the
BDE. I'll repeat it: Don't use TTables (use TQueries) and try to avoid the
BDE (use IBO or FIBPlus. Don't know whether IBX will work with BCB4).
Note that Firebird 1.0 is available.

Aage J.