Subject Re: [ib-support] Crossed signals?
Author Jason Frey
Transactions are probably the issue, especially with the BDE (I have not-so-fond memories of TTables, but that may be just me).

1. I would check to make sure each person is entering stuff in their own transaction. The BDE may make this difficult for you.
2. If at all possible, move away from the BDE (IBX, IBObjects, etc would be much preferable).
2a. If at all possible, don't use table based access.. You'd probably be better off with a non data aware form, and dump your parameters into an insert statement.
3. Do not use different connect strings, even for the "server" machine. You run into all sorts of issues, from multi-threading issues to possible corruption, etc... Always do the remote version (With the IP address prepending the path), even on the machine the server is running on.
4. Listen to everyone else who has better ideas than I do. :)

- Jason
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From: Joe Martinez
To: Interbase Support
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 1:48 PM
Subject: [ib-support] Crossed signals?

I have a customer who is having a problem:

Whenever two people are entering data into the same table at the same
time from two different clients, the signals will sometimes get
crossed. Person #1's record will get saved, but with some of the fields
having the data that person #2 was entering. I can't figure it out.

The connection strings look good. One of them is on the server,
specifying the data file directly by path. The other person is on a
client, accessing it by the same path, but preceeded by the server's IP
address and a colon.

Firebird 0.9-4 for Windows
My app is written with BCB4, using BDE w/ SQL Links.
Data is being entered using TTable objects.
Database is dialect 1, ODS9.

Has anyone else had this problem? Was it a known bug with this version?


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