Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Crossed signals?
Author Joe Martinez
> It is often advised that one should use a 'remote' type of connection when
> working on the server. Use localhost: in front of the connection
> string. Try something like "localhost:C:\DB\xxx.db" and see if that helps.

I had them try that, and it didn't help.

> You'll probably get a lot of comments on using TTables and using the
> BDE. I'll repeat it: Don't use TTables (use TQueries) and try to avoid the
> BDE (use IBO or FIBPlus. Don't know whether IBX will work with BCB4).
> Note that Firebird 1.0 is available.

Yes, I am planning on moving to IBO for the next version of my application, but
unfortunately, that doesn't help us now.

If it's a transaction problem caused by the BDE, I can sort of understand that,
but why would data get mixed from two different clients? Isn't IB/FB smart
enough to keep transactions from different clients separate, regardless of what
BDE does?