Subject Re: [ib-support] define date
Author Daniel Bertin
Thank you very much for that information, the required flag for the
ORDDATEField had not reset to false.

I would of never of thought of looking there.Probably when I reset the
fields from not null to nulls.


>Is the field flagged as Required=True somewhere in your code or field
>properties in the DFM? If you are using persistent fields, it might be
>there. A property does exist for a persistent field to say that it is
>required, even if it's not defined as such at the database level. This
>happened to me before, especially when a field was defined as not null in
>the database then changed to allow nulls, but the property Required in the
>persistent fields was still set to True. I had to manually change them to
>False. I know that this is one area of the code that you might not think
>of looking at, I know I didn't at the time, it took me a few days to figure
>it out.
>Hope this helps.
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