Subject Firebird On Solaris (Intel Edition)
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I have used Firebird on Suse Linux in production and is working fine
for about last 8 to 9 months. One of prospective clients of similar
system has a unknown (And Unnecessary also) fear about linux
that 'since it has no ownership its risky to go for that'. However he
is ready to use Sun Solaris and Firebird is Available on that.

So before finalizing Solaris on Intel Platform and Firebird on It
i would like to hear about Communities experience about this
combination. If somebody has used Solaris on Intel Platform
with Firebird please let me know

1. Is solaris Intel is stable and reliable as Linux.?
2. Does Firebird works fine on Solaris ?
3. Can solaris work on Own Assembled PCs?
(i will be using this for development production
Server will be IBM/Compaq) ?


R. S. Patil