Subject Re: [ib-support] Automatic Backup & Validation Procedure
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:12 AM 22-03-02 +0000, Artur Anjos wrote:

>a) Anyone knows if GBak produces some Errorlevel output?

Yes: Errorlevel 0 for success, Errolevel 1 for failure. Unfortunately,
you won't get these on any platform but Windows.

>b) It's ok to use the gbak error messages on pages 168...173 from Operations
>Guide, or is there any other messages that were append/eliminated in

If any new messages were added in Firebird, I don't know about them yet
<g> any case, unless you choose the -v(erbose) -y switches, and push
the output into a file which you later parse somehow, you won't be able to
isolate the problem that caused errorlevel 1.

>(Nothing related in Release Notes from Helen). And are this
>messages ok? In this kind of parsing I'm sure I will have some error related
>to some string not exactly as the manual...

It would be _proper_ if the gbak messages were identified by a number code
of some kind, since all of the gbak verbose output is in English and some
of those messages are REALLY obscure (even to a native English speaker with
an Honours degree in Descriptive Linguistics!!) I guess all I can
recommend right now is that you look at the BURP source and check this. I
would *really* appreciate someone doing this and, if it's there, to donate
their work to the Cause, so that I can document it.

>c) I don't know if this is the best approach for this problem. Is someone
>doing some kind of automatic verification of backup operation in some
>different way? I'm re-inventing the wheel here?

If so, again, may I request that it be donated to the documentation
effort? I *do* recall seeing _somewhere_ a Linux shell script that someone
made for an automated backup...I really-really want this stuff.


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