Subject How to start FB when linux boots? (May be off topic - not sure)
Author Çağatay Tengiz
Hi to all,

I am very very new to linux, in other words I've setup linux (Suse 7.1)
yesterday for the first time. :)

And I've downloaded FB SuperServer rpm's from FirebirdSql and I've managed
to install FB to my linux machine. Then I've searched linux directory's to
find where the FB was installed. (In windows it is so easy! just look at
under the program files) and managed to run ibserver (by clicking on it
under KDE - I know this is not linux style but remember I am only a newbie).

And from my windows machine I tried to connect to my linux server and YES
the connection established ! I've done it :)...

So far why I have been telling you this story? The only thing I am trying to
say is installing FB to a linux is very easy even for linux dumbs... :)

Now my question (and I do not if know this is the right place to ask, if not
please redirect me), everytime I start my linux server I have to start FB
server manually? How can I make it autostart when the linux starts?
(Something equivalent to startup menu in windows?)

Best Regards

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