Subject Transaction problem
Author Erick
I posted this on the Interbase OpenSource group but no one responded:

> I guess I still don't understand how transactions work. Previously, our
> project used one transaction, when the user logged into the program, it
> started, when the user logged out, it committed. We used commitretaining
> throughout as the user posted data.
> Well... we started have problems with gaps in the next transaction and the
> last active transaction that we thought was slowing down the system so we
> switched the project to create a new transaction any time a user accessed
> the database.
> The problem is that now the TIBDataset.refresh does not seem to work
> properly. Is this because of the transaction scope? We have a window that
> displays client information, the end user clicks on an Edit button to do
> some changes (which of course starts a new transaction now). When the user
> returns to the main window, we call refresh but the changes don't show. We
> end up having to close the dataset and reopen it again in order to see the
> change.
> That's fine if that's the way transactions work, I just need to verify
> so we can adjust our methods accordingly.
> TIA,
> Erick