Subject FB Force Database Shutdown
Author Bill Morrison
Greetings All,

I have a requirement to shutdown all server access to a database.

According to newsgroup postings, gfix can do this with the -shut -force
0 command line.

However, I would like to do it through code. Is there an api call that I
can use to accomplish this?


Bill Morrison

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: expression evaluation

Helen Borrie wrote:
> Yes, it is dictated by both the standard and Boolean logic. If you
> prefer to simplify *your* logic, so that new.field <> old.field always

> gives true when not (new.field = old.field) then make the columns in
> question non-nullable and enforce a default value via a Before Insert

This is was not an option in my case. I needed the null state as well.

> "Inconvenient" is strange. After all, you only write the trigger

I meant that doing this kind of simple check is more complicated than it

would seem at first. Needlessly i dare say.

> [...]
> Just remember that if new.field and old.field are both null, you won't
> True on an equivalence comparison either...

So we are back at the beginning :)

> I think you'll learn to know and love null, all the same. <g>

Oh i love nulls.. i just don't like how they are evaluated. It would be
logical if null be considered a valueless state, not unknown. Or
whatever, as long as - [field with a value] <> null = true.
I really can not think of any use for unknown state or a boolean
condition that can evaluate to unknown. I guess it's my limited mind :))

Anyway i got my answer and i guess i will just have to live with it.

(Lets make a new standard! - the Bill Gates way of solving problems :)

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