Subject Re: [ib-support] Installation problems in Firebird for Linux
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 18:45, Sujan Sreenath wrote:
> Thank You all for the replies.
> I tried all your suggestions in this order:
> 1. ps xa |grep ib does show that ibserver is running


> 2. ISQL provides the following help information, I reproduce below what is shown on the screen:
> [sujan@localhost bin]$ isql
> ********************************************
> * unixODBC - isql *
> ********************************************
> * Syntax
> * isql DSN [UID [PWD]] [options]
> *
> * Options
> * -b Batch. No prompting etc
> * -dx Delimit cols with x
> * -w Wrap results in an HTML table
> * -v Verbose
> *
> *etc. etc. ********************************
> How do i create a DSN? Is it some kind of ODBC DSN?


> 3. when I run ISQL, I dont get the SQL> prompt, it just dumps me back to the command line with the help message and no errors.

As others have mentioned I am not sure that is the correct isql. When
you do a locate isql what do you get back. Sounds like you should get
two, one in /opt/interbase/bin and the other in your current path,

I would see if the one in usr is the same file size and date as the one
in /opt/interbase/bin/

If it is not delete it and place a symbolic link to
/opt/interbase/bin/isql in your /usr/bin dir.

Or what I do go to /etc/profile.d and create a file with the following

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/interbase/bin:/opt/ibaccess

Then you can execute either from any dir.

I place symbolic links to all files in /opt/interbase/lib &
/opt/interbase/include that need to be globally accessable in /usr/lib &

This also makes upgrading easier, since your entire install less the
start up script is in /opt/interbase/bin.

If you want to get creative you could do.

/opt/interbase -> /opt/firebird-1.0

So that you can quickly swap between versions for testing etc.

> 4. I searched for the libcrypt library and found the following files:
> /lib
> /lib
> /lib
> /usr/lib

Good, on my system I have -> ->

Try create a sym link and see if that does anything.

> 5. In ibaccess when it asks for the server name I type "localhost" or should I type "localhost.localdomain"?

I would use either your IP, or your machines hostname. That will depend
on how you have your /etc/hosts file set up. Most come with
localhost.localdomain but I change it to localhost only.

> Well, I have still not been able to get IBAccess or ISQL to work. Any suggestions.

Many but start with those and see what happens.

I still have seen no answer to what happens when you telnet to port
3050? I assume yo get something, since we have confirmed the server to
be up and running via ps xa.

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