Subject RE: [ib-support] Need advise
Author Wilson, Fred
How are you executing those two calls "at the same time" ??
Is this from a single application, with multiple threads, or from two
separate applications ??

Best regards,
Fred Wilson
SE, Bell & Howell

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Subject: [ib-support] Need advise


I seem to be running into a reoccurring issue I was hopping someone
might be able to offer some advise on. It seems, under the right
conditions, the FB gds32 becomes stalled and any call into the gds32,
via the gds32 API's, will block indefinitely until you terminate the
application. I have narrowed it down to the following two calls:


For some reason, if these two calls occur at the same time the gds32
locks and becomes stalled never to return to the caller again.

Has anyone else experienced an issue like this?
Can anyone offer some advise on how to work around this issue or how
to figure out what exactly is happing?

Also, during the stall, I ran iblockpr to see if there was a deadlock
reported. See snip-it. From what I understand of the output, which
is not much, no deadlock occurred.

P.S Does anyone know how to read this stuff!!

Version: 114, Active owner: 0, Length: 32768, Used:
Semmask: 0x0, Flags: 0x0001
Enqs: 160067, Converts: 0, Rejects: 21625, Blocks:
Deadlock scans: 13, Deadlocks: 0, Scan interval: 10
Acquires: 385444, Acquire blocks: 0, Spin count: 0
Mutex wait: 0.0%
Hash slots: 101, Hash lengths (min/avg/max): 0/ 0/ 3
Remove node: 0, Insert queue: 0, Insert prior:
Owners (19): forward: 16852, backward: 23968
Free owners (24): forward: 17984, backward: 16920
Free locks (32): forward: 13792, backward: 13136
Free requests (67): forward: 23392, backward: 23296
Lock Ordering: Enabled

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