Subject Metadata Descriptions/Comments
Author David Ballantyne
Hi gang and greetings from way Down Under;

My name is David Ballantyne, and I have just been empowered with converting
out existing large R:Base database to Firebird. I have been playing with
Firebird for the past month or so and have had great sucess with this
wonderful OS product (keep up the good work team!). I have only joined the
list in the past 48 hours, and so must confess, that this is my very first

I am a Senior Business Analyst / Software Designer and have been using RDBMS
systems of various flavors for many years, but am a rank "newbie" to the
Firebird world. I have sucessfully ported the entire 380 table / 302 view
structure and written scripts to push all of our default corporate data to
the Firebird backend.

All good so far - with only one small dilemma. To date, I have not been
able to find (and maybe I didn't look well enough) any interface (SQL, API
etc) which will allow me to port the metadata descriptions (table comments,
column comments, view comments etc).

I know it must be there somewhere as I have the ability to manually enter
these descriptors through any of the various flavoured DB admistration
tools. If someone could pleeease point me in the right direction of where
to find such SQL command or API call, It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation and...

Kindest Regards

David Ballantyne
Senior Analyst
Just For You Software
Sydney, Australia

Ph: 61+2 9552 3311

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