Subject Re: [ib-support] Data lost
Author Faruk DEMIREL
D5's IBX is the connection mechanism.

I can not able to detect the lost situation. It is not a continious
My app is Not a multiuser (it is single client local DB.) app.

According to operator(user of app):
the ABC user enters some data and closes the app,
another user (sysdba) runs the same app on the same computer,
the entered data (sometimes not allways) can not ever seen by both user.

there is a " completely lost" result.

I am searching for the potential problem point on my app but every thing
seems to be "OK."

altough there is an extra
"IbTransaction.commit" command on the onclose event of my main form.

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Data lost

> > I am using FB 1.0. on w98.
> > My db has one more user (abc) besides sysdba
> > and has all the grants on all the object which the sysdba has.
> >
> > Some times, some data that have been inserted by the 'abc' user, may be
> >
> > Any body who has been faced such a problem?
> > Any suggestion?
> A bit more information?
> A lot of my systems use W98SE for the 'outstations' and I
> don't have a problem - 24/7 with multiple 'users' ( the
> computers talk to one another ) - FB1 cleared a LOT of my
> IB problems!
> What are you using to talk to the database?
> Is the 'missing' data complete records, or updates to
> existing records?
> Does the data 'appear' after closing the 'abc' user program,
> or does it simply never get saved?
> There are many things that could be causing this sort of
> problem, but I would expect exceptions to be raised that
> tell you why it is happening.
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