Subject Re: [ib-support] Data lost
Author Martijn Tonies

> D5's IBX is the connection mechanism.
> I can not able to detect the lost situation. It is not a continious
> behavior.
> My app is Not a multiuser (it is single client local DB.) app.
> According to operator(user of app):
> the ABC user enters some data and closes the app,
> another user (sysdba) runs the same app on the same computer,
> the entered data (sometimes not allways) can not ever seen by both user.

Sounds like a transaction issue.

> there is a " completely lost" result.
> I am searching for the potential problem point on my app but every thing
> seems to be "OK."
> altough there is an extra
> "IbTransaction.commit" command on the onclose event of my main form.

Do you use multiple transaction components?

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