Subject Re: [ib-support] insert in Firebird
Author C R Zamana
Nando Dessena wrote:
> C R Zamana wrote:
>>>Check that you are preparing an INSERT statement, and then simply
>>>assigning parameters for each row inside a loop. You are probably
>>>having the server recompile each statements, this would explain a
>>>lot of your performance problems.
>> No, there is no preparation. The question is that the
>>application was linked with a library that was made to be
>>very generic.
> then you are going to have trouble; my personal experience and that of
> many people I know is that you just can't expect IB to behave the same
> way as the competitors; it's just architecturally different and
> must be treated in a particular way.

Yes, is obvious to me that the application must be "converted" to a
"relational" behaviour. I was only wondering if could be possible
to do some "black magic" with Firebird in order to get a better solution.

>> I know that this is not the best approach for a batch
>> process. But the question is that this same "approach" works
>> very well with Oracle, without any tunning.
> I have had the chance to appreciate that almost anything "works very
> well" with Oracle; it will just take whatever is thrown at it and
> perform acceptably at the very least. This is not true for InterBase,
> which is much more difficult to handle.
> I believe Lester is right when he says that you'll need some major
> rework to get acceptable speed in heterogeneous environments.
> Anyway, I think that many of the suggestions in this thread can
> give you some benefits.

Of course, the information gathered is very helpful and,
as soon as I've got a better solution, the people's list will
be informed.

Thanks for all.
Best regards.

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