Subject insert in Firebird
Author C R Zamana
Hi fellows!

I have an application written in FlagShip ( shortly: xbase/clipper for
Unix ).

This application is compiled to access Oracle ( 8.1.7 )
and Firebird( 1.0.0-0aBeta2 ).

On the same machine the task ( batch process, mainly insertion ) tooks
about 22 minutes with Oracle. With Firebird it tooks between 4 and
5 hours to make only a half of the job.

Strange, huh?

Is there any thing that I'm missing here? Is there any
fine tunning that I can make in Firebird in order to have
my insert less slow?

The system/machine is:

Linux ( RedHat 6.2, with many updates )
Kernel: 2.4.8
CPU: AMD Athlon 1Ghz
RAM: 128M
gcc egcs-2.91.66

Thank you.
Best regards.

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