Subject Re: [ib-support] insert in Firebird
Author C R Zamana
lester@... wrote:
>>No, there is no preparation. The question is that the
>>application was linked with a library that was made to be
>>very generic.
>>Each operation is independent of the others.
>>I know that this is not the best approach for a batch process. But the
>>question is that this same "approach" works very well with Oracle,
>>without any tunning.
> I think that this is an example of why BDE was a good idea,
> but of little use in production.
> Based on the figures you have given, I would expect a clean
> Interbase insert to complete 4000 records of 500 bytes each
> in 20-30 seconds. I pump that volume of data regularly.
> You have obviously found the bit that Oracle is good at, but
> Interbase can do conciderably better. If you must use this
> 'generic' library then I think it needs some major work to
> get both Oracle and Intebase working closer to their
> optimum. It does not look like something that can be used in
> production at present!

This is interesting, because both applications are "equal",
except on the last layer, that is the esql/c used: one is oracle and the
other is interbase. From this layer back to client application,
everything is similar.


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