Subject Re: [ib-support] insert in Firebird
Author C R Zamana
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 08:46 PM 28-08-01 -0300, C R Zamana wrote:
>> (...)
> There was a problem with the "loopback" for local access to
> SS on Linux, i.e. the connect time was (is?) horribly long
> (several minutes). Ann may recall more about this...
> Is it possible that your app is going through the connect
> process for *every* row? Since the performance you describe
> is absolutely absurd, it has to be something like this.

No. I connect just one time ( via /path/to/file.gdb )
and submit the statements ( open cursor/fetch/close, insert,
update etc ).

> And if something like this is forced by your application,
> then the client is being asked to get a fresh transaction
> handle for every insert.

This is interesting. When I'm doing the inserts I
can see the .gdb file increasing, but I cannot see the rows
inserted via isql in another session. To be able to do this
I need to "disconnect" and then "connect" again inside from
my application.

In this case I'm not doing this, of course.

> Have tried connecting to LOCALHOST instead of the local connect?

Sorry. What you mean?

Best regards.

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