Subject Solaris-sparc builds of firebird 1.0.0Beta2
Author Mark O'Donohue

Neil McCalden has built, and successfully run through the tcs suite,
SOLARIS SPARC binary packages for firebird 1.0.0 Beta2 both classic and
super versions.

He has made these builds available, and I have updated the download
pages at:

to point to these new packages.

General downloads available from:

Also, Konstantin Kuznetsov is working on the SOLARIS X86 versions which
should be available soon, (currently he is holding them back to test one
final change added by Neil).

Im sure I express all our feelings in thanking both Neil and Konstantin
for the quite considerable effort they have both had to put in to get
these SOLARIS Firebird versions built and successfully passed through
the tcs test suite and packaged.



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