Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please
Author Lee Brown
I think this strengthens the argument to having it optional (I like the dialect 4 idea).

Could you not fetch metadata about the tables you queried so that you could figure out what prefix to use?

Lee Brown
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Subject: [ib-support] Re: Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please

I allow my users to click on column titles to sort the tables by any field,
and I dynamically rewrite the query with a different ORDER BY <Clicked Field
Name>.. When there are joins It is not so easy to work out what the
prefix should be, so I rather rely on the ambiguity being allowed. This
functionality is written into ancestor forms, which can be inherited and
populated with any table, and I do not want to have to hard-code every
field-name and its prefix. Throwing an error will give me some problems,
unless someone can tell me how (using Delphi, IBO and VCL) I can get the
correct alias-prefix for the field which has been clicked.

Roger Vellacott
Passfield Data Systems Ltd

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