Subject RE: [ib-support] Disappointed in Interbase (long)
Author Dmitry Yemanov

Just some experience with IB6-based complex HR system (development was done
with QuickDesk & IB_WISQL).

> We decided to stick to IB5.6 for now as it is certified,
> and it will not require a migration to a new version of IB.

Didn't have any problem migrating the database from IB5.6 to IB6 dialect 1.
And believe that even uncertified IB6 is more stable than certified IB5.

> - Getting the 'Object in use' message. Then everybody has to
> log off and we
> have to do a backup & restore cycle to be able to use the
> index/table/SP/whatever again

Sometimes with FKs.

> - Triggers not firing. Goodness knows why not.

Never seen.

> - SP not running correctly. We have had the following problem
> that really
> boggles the mind. We have also repeated this to make sure we
> are not making
> stupid mistakes. We compile a SP sucessfully. If we run it,
> the old version
> still runs. No matter how often we recompile the SP, it still runs a
> previous version. Then we all log off, do a Backup & Restore
> (B&R) and
> viola! the problem disappears and the correct version of the
> SP runs. We
> change the SP & compile and same problem happens. And this on
> the restored
> DB! We had to resort to B&R after each SP update & compile
> session. I can
> assure you that this is no fun..!

Never seen.

> - Abnormal server terminations

Periodically with IB6 beta. With the release of IB6 (and then Firebird) - no