Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird
Author Mark O'Donohue
Paul Reeves wrote:

>sandeep@... wrote:
>>I've just downloaded firebird for Linux. What's the server executable
>>called? I couldn't find any file named ibserver there.
>If you have the classic version there is no server executable - at least
>nothing called ibserver. Classic works with inetd (or xinetd) which
>listens for requests on port 3050 (usually) and launches a process from
>there. I can't get to a linux box right now, but if you look in
>/etc/inetd.conf you will see the name of the process launched.

Best way to check is :

netstat -an | grep 3050

If something is listening, then the server is running.

For classic the server process is gds_inet_server but it only runs when
a client is connected, the gds_lock_mgr process is also likely to be

I personally prefer classic, it's less awkward to use, but it depends
upon your circumstances, in other situations super would probably be
more preferable.




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