Subject Re: [ib-support] New Firebird Release 1.0.0 Beta2 Available
Author Mark O'Donohue
Helen Borrie wrote:

>Roll it over to me tomorrow, if you like, as I'm ready for a new installation on my Linux server.
>an ftp address and login would be fine.
Tomas Michalík wrote:

>I can test it even if the dependency on ncurses5 is not removed, just to
>know if it copies the files to where they belong. If the dependency is
>removed, I won't have to upgrade two RH6.2 stations => timesaver ...

And the secret address is :


classic has arrived, and super is 1/2 way there. I also have .tar.gz
versions but they use the same install scripts and binaries.

If Helen and Tom have suffered no adverse side effects by tomorrow and
it loads onto RedHat6.2 OK, I will update the install packages at
sourceforge ( -or about 10
other addresses, ) with these packages.

Hmmm I do have an old redhat 6.2 around, but the kids use it at home to
play windows on at the moment - wouldn't want to interrupt them playing
legoland, but perhaps they'll understand :-).



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