Subject IB6 BUG #221589: numeric fields and mathematical operations
Author lobolo2000
This closed bug relates partially to the following:
in dialect 1 and 3
select field1*(1-field2/100) from mytable
field1 numeric(9,2) value -> 10
field2 numeric(9,2) value -> 10.5

the result is: 9 instead of: 8.95
Possible explanation:
Since values are numeric(9,2), then
field2/100 is 0.10 because they are exact numerics.
Hence, 10*(1-0.10)=10*0.9 = 9 as IB answered.

Is it true that IB6 (and FB) output 9 as result?
I tried it and got 8.95, and hope that the explanation
given is not true due to its implication that exact numerics
are not suitable for most cases.

Can anybody comment on this pls?


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