Subject Re: [ib-support] Single Processor
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Leyne, Sean"" <InterbaseSupport@...> wrote in message
> As we've been exchanging messages, I have been thinking about the design
> for a completely new tool, which would work with any file type; fixed
> length or delimited. The tool would support import and export
> functionality... and of course, would run like the wind!

There's a tool, called gconv in the examples directory, in theory able to
import several formats and almost any data type, including blobs and arrays.
From what I understood from Paul Beach, it has not been touched for years,
but I don't see that it needs much refurbishing, since it's a GDML program,
so it talks to the engine avoiding typical DSQL limitations. I see only one
place where it *could* need to handle new dialect 3 data types, the rest
seems independent of the changes in the engine since v3.3.

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