Subject RE: [ib-support] Single Processor
Author Mike Grover
I am going to give it a look!!

Oh, on another note,

I finished building my indexes and been testing query speed.

on small lat long queries it beats Codebase 6.5, but on queries
witha wide distance between lat and long range it is a little slower than

But all in all, I really like IB6!!


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""Leyne, Sean"" <InterbaseSupport@...> wrote in message
> As we've been exchanging messages, I have been thinking about the design
> for a completely new tool, which would work with any file type; fixed
> length or delimited. The tool would support import and export
> functionality... and of course, would run like the wind!

There's a tool, called gconv in the examples directory, in theory able to
import several formats and almost any data type, including blobs and arrays.
>From what I understood from Paul Beach, it has not been touched for years,
but I don't see that it needs much refurbishing, since it's a GDML program,
so it talks to the engine avoiding typical DSQL limitations. I see only one
place where it *could* need to handle new dialect 3 data types, the rest
seems independent of the changes in the engine since v3.3.

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