Subject ANN: InterBase Installation Info website update
Author David R. Robinson
I updated the InterBase Installation Info website
( this week. I made a number of changes.
Some of them include:

* Added BorCon 2001 session paper and slides on "InterBase Installation
and Deployment Options"

* Compiled Wise scripts are 10mb smaller (docs were removed)

* Updated Borland binaries to using the tagged version of the
open-source binaries from built on 04/24/2001

* Added registry keys to support the Win2000 service description for
InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian services

* Updated IBConsole to build 338

Sorry about the messed up BorCon logo (it's on just about every page).
I thought I fixed it last night. I'll have to fix it when I get home

David R. Robinson
InterBase Installation Info -