Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IB Clustering (random thoughts and questions)
Author reed mideke
montgomery@... wrote:
> Option 'C' can be safely ruled out because it uses every last bit of
> CPU power on the IB server until it completes (which takes many
> hours - leaving our other clients with an unacceptable level of
> system performance until the import is completed).
This is interesting. This should not be the case. There have
been reports of local connections completely monopolizing
the server (on win32). This should not happen, but at least
sometimes, it seems to. Have you tried doing option C
through a loopback tcp connection (if you are currently doing
it locall on the server ?) this should not affect load
performance, since the select from the exteranal table to
real tables is still entirely on the server. If what you are
seeing is the local access lockout, it should go away.
Let us know if you try it.
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