Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
Author Leyne, Sean
Ivan et al,

> So, what are the problems that can be solved by locking database file,
> that are not solvable with supplying full path specification
> (be it GetFullPathName or some other method) ?

The problem is that not all clients are guaranteed to be able to provide
a full path specification, if they did we wouldn't be having this

The only guaranteed solution would be to completely disable the ability
of clients to specify database filenames/path and only support
server-side db aliases. I can only image what the your reactions would
have been like if that was the solution which had been announced.
[database aliases has been noted as a feature request of later versions
of Firebird]

The reality is that the bug is HUGE, and ask Louis van Alphen if he
would have lived with the reality of an exclusive access mode, now that
his database has been destroyed! (That was a rhethorical question)

The bug affects all previous Win32 versions of IB/FB, and it is only by
SHEER LUCK that this problem has not affected more people!

I, personally, don't see why people are getting so 'flexed' by this
simple change to the engine. You'd think that we made this decision on
a whim and without any considered discussion.