Subject IB/FB events not working
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k

after a lot of searching/reading various InterBase related newsgroups
( I haven't found a solution to my problem - nor
explanation. I only confirmed that I am not the only one :-(

I use FB 0.9.4 on RedHat 6.2, my IBO clients are using NT40(SP6a) or
W2K. I write this information just to be accurate, however, reading all
those newsgroup messages made me think this is not in any way related to
connection components (IBO, IBX). All machines (server & clients) are on
the same network - 192.168.2.x IPs, server has only one network card and
one IP.

If the database sits on NT4 or W2K box, it works OK ...

At the moment I register the events - tracked down to API
ISC_QEUE_EVENTS - both server and client immediately lock. Client shows
error message:

Unable to complete network request to host "sqlko". *
Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
unknown Win32 error 10061

*) "sqlko" is the RedHat database server

Then I have to kill the ibserver process manually.

Despite the number of occurences of these complains during last few
years there was not any answer from someone at Borland nor Firebird
team. I am not blaming anyone ...

I would be very glad if someone would explain in detail how all this
events stuff works or even what particular settings in Linux should I
check so I could solve it together with our Linux admin. Unfortunately I
am not "Linux enabled person" except for simple tasks (I became really
good in killing ibserver processes last days :-( ) I would like to hear
from all who run similar configurations and are using ibevents without
any problems (I believe there are some like that). For those who haven't
tried it yet and are willing to test it I am able to send very simple
Windows client application together with test database so they can
verify it without loosing much time ...

Thanks for any information and best regards,



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