Subject Client library (GDS32.DLL) and versions
Author Christian G├╝tter

I am currently using IB on a WIN2K server
and on approx. 30 WIN2K clients.

We are in process of building a new server which
is supposed to contain the databases.

On this server, I would like to use IB 6.0.1 because
of some important fixes.

My question is if I have to update all GDS32.DLL on
the clients. I heard that the server-side GDS32.DLL
and the client-side should always be the same.

But updating all clients is a lot of work, because
the GDS32.DLL resides in the SYSTEM32 directory and
only administrators have write access in this dir.

So I wonder if the GDS32.DLL and
are compatible and can be used together.
Another opportunity would be to "downgrade" the new
server with the GDS32 V6.0.027 - so the older lib
would be used in the whole network.
But I don't know what the server will say about this ;-)

Is there anyone who has made experiences with this