Subject IB Time problem (repost from IBObjects list)
Author Brian Dunstan

I have a very strange problem, that has appeared on only 1 of many sites.

When I run this SQL:

select cast ('now' as timestamp) from rdb$database;

the time returned is always the current time + 30 minutes.

IOW, if the time is 11:00 then the sql will return 11:30.

The problem occurs whichever workstation runs the SQL statement. Even if I
run the statement from WISQL running on the server computer I still get the
same result.

I am running NT 4 and Borland IB 6.01. None of my other sites exhibit this

The system has no daylight savings enabled.

The system is in time zone GMT +9.5.
I found a suspicious looking environment variable TZ=eet-10. I changed it to
TZ=eet-9.5 but it doesn't seem to have affected the problem.

I think TZ is used by some C++ runtime libraries (and hence IB?) but I have
no documentation.

The system has been installed for a couple of years but this problem only
started occurring a couple of weeks ago. I suspect something has been
installed which has messed with some settings.

The bottom line is that the windows clock (on the task bar) always shows
time 30 minutes less than the time reported by IB.

What could be causing this?