Subject Re: [ib-support] IB Time problem (repost from IBObjects list)
Author Paul Reeves
Brian Dunstan wrote:

> The system has no daylight savings enabled.
> The system is in time zone GMT +9.5.
> I found a suspicious looking environment variable TZ=eet-10. I changed it to
> TZ=eet-9.5 but it doesn't seem to have affected the problem.
> I think TZ is used by some C++ runtime libraries (and hence IB?) but I have
> no documentation.
> The system has been installed for a couple of years but this problem only
> started occurring a couple of weeks ago. I suspect something has been
> installed which has messed with some settings.
> The bottom line is that the windows clock (on the task bar) always shows
> time 30 minutes less than the time reported by IB.

If you haven't yet solved this I would start by checking that the system
clock in the bios is set to gmt rather than local time.


Paul Reeves
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